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Quick Guide To Writing Non-Fiction Books For Amazon to Complement Your Blog

Quick Guide To Writing Non-Fiction Books For Amazon to Complement Your Blog

Writing a non-fiction book to complement your blog or website gives you the opportunity to utilize the power of Amazon and Kindle Publishing while working with your existing passive income streams. Writing a book, however, is a seemingly daunting task, that leaves many of us overwhelmed. The truth is, writing an eBook for Kindle is a possible, even if you are not the most experienced writer.

Before starting on writing your book, I want you to ask yourself what your purpose for writing the book is. Your purpose can be one of the following:

– create affiliate income
– drive traffic to your blog
– establish yourself as an authority
– make money by selling your books
– get more sales for your products and/or services

Writing books can help your blog and website in a variety of ways. Find out how! #amwriting… Click To Tweet

Once you established your reason for writing the book, begin with the following steps:

1. Make a list of your main blog topics. For example, one of my blogs has the following  main topics: nutrition, fitness, herbs, and  positive thinking. (your websites should never have more than 5 major topics, otherwise, make a separate niche site  3 to 4 major topics are ideal)
2. Search for popular books in the subject matter on Amazon. A book is selling and making money if it’s paid Kindle rank is 100,000 or below.
3. Now that you know what sells in your niche, create a list of similar subjects you can write about. 
4. Write two books for each subject you choose. One book to either give away as a freebie on your resource page (if you don’t have a resource page yet, read this training about creating evergreen resources), or for free on Amazon, and the other to list on Amazon for a price.

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5. Keep your books short – 30 to 40-page books and books around 15000 words sell the best for self-published non-fiction titles.
6. Price your book competitively. Best price to list your book for is .99 to 2.99.
7. Add your book to Kindle Unlimited. You can get more people to read your books if they can borrow it for free. You still get paid on your books, as long as they are reading more than 10 % of your book, so make sure that you write to impress from the beginning.
8. Include links to your blog, website, subscription list, resources pages, or whatever else you are currently trying to  promote. This is where your reason for writing the book comes in, which I asked you to determine in the beginning. What links and additional resources you add to your book depends very much on your focus. For example, if you are trying to get more book sales, include the links to your other book titles at the end of your book. If you are trying to get more subscribers to your list, offer a password protected resource pages for those who read your book (make sure that you do not give that link till the end of the book, see my note about Kindle Unlimited – you can promise or hint about your offers further in the beginning of the book.)

Writing books can help your blog and website in a variety of ways. Take advantage of the need of constant new books that the convenience of electronic readers has created, by writing your own.

Fiercely Independent Blessings


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Make Money With eBook Affiliate Marketing – Use Ad Blends


Make Money With eBook Affiliate Marketing - Use Ad Blends


Continuing with the series on eBook Publishing, I wanted to share with you today, this interesting video on
using an Ad Blend technique, which includes  eBooks to make money online. Check it out:


Whether you end up using the CB Passive Income System to create your affiliate marketing income, or you make your own website and promote your eBooks on Amazon, and your own web page is absolutely up to you. Using Affiliate links within the text of the book, or as a part of the resource section of the book is absolutely a valuable way of increasing your affiliate marketing income. I have written about it more extensively in this blog post here.
Make Money With eBook Affiliate Marketing - Use Ad Blends
Also check out my article about” Acquiring Reviews, which will help your Amazon Kindle ranking!
Fiercely Independent Blessings
P.S. If you are looking for a great WordPress hosting site, check out SiteRubix! It is where I host all of my sites at the moment – and you can host up to 25 WordPress sites for one hosting fee –  email and 24-hour support included! Try it for free today!
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Make Money Writing Kindle Books – 5 Reasons You Should Start Now

Make Money Writing Kindle Books - 5 Reasons You Should Start Now


Kindle publishing is a valuable and profitable passive income stream that should not be dismissed easily. Consumers are always looking for new high-quality books to read fast. You can still make money writing kindle books, even if it seems there are already an exhausted amount of eBooks that have been written. Many of them are of less than  desirable quality. So if have a great idea, and you have thought about writing an eBook, now is a great time to dive into this passive income strategy.

Here are five reasons why you should start writing today:

1. You can use your kindle book to promote your blog/website.
Include additional information about yourself, as well as links to additional resources about the subject matter in your book, and you will be able to drive people to your website or blog.

Make Money Writing Kindle Books - 5 Reasons You Should Start Now


2. You can use your kindle book to grow your email list.
Your subscriber and email list is a very valuable aspect of your business , so growing it should be one of your priorities. By offering freebies for those who sign up after reading your book, you can give your readers an incentive to become a part of your list. Now you can  sell them future books, affiliate information, and other products and services you might offer.

3. Amazon makes it easy.
Amazon Kindle Publishing platform is easy to use, making it possible for anyone to upload their book and placing it on their website within minutes. I will be writing more about the uploading process in an upcoming article this week so stay tuned for that

Make Money Writing Kindle Books - 5 Reasons You Should Start Now4. Kindle Publishing is a process you can easily outsource
Even if you are writing your own eBooks, and not all eBook authors do that, you can hire a Virtual Assistant to upload your books, and set up all of the details for you. This is time, you can spend writing your next book, or marketing the ones you have already written. If you are looking for a reliable Virtual Assistant, check out Virtual Staff Finder, it is the company I use and trust for all of my virtual assistant needs.

5. Shorter books do well
You do not have to write the next 500-page saga in order to make money via Kindle Publishing. Actually, shorter books and series do much better on this platform, as the attention span of people has declined over the last few years. A shorter eBook also takes less time to write. You can actually write your book in as little as one week or less. Check out my article on how to write an eBook in 24 hours for more information. 

There is no better time, then right now to start writing your eBook. A short, information filled book priced correctly,
(I recommend 2.99 USD), can become a profitable source of passive income for you. There is no reason to delay.



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How To Publish An Ebook in 24 Hours – A Review

How To Publish An Ebook in 24 Hours - A Review

Is it really possible to write and publish a Kindle ebook in 24 hours?
A long-time mentor of mine, Stefan Pylarinos, is trying to convince us, that it is possible. Because he has offered so many free training modules via his youtube channel and his blog, both of which I have been following for over two years now, I decided to try it out and see what happens.

The results were astounding.

I did it! – I published my book Mixing Spices: A Flavorful Guide To Creating Awesome Herb And Spice Mixes, after going through this program, and  while I did not take exactly 24 hours in one setting – I have two kids, three animals and a husband at home, so sitting down at the computer for  an extended period of time is almost impossible, but I wrote the book in less then a week, publishing it a week later!
Most importantly to me, I actually finished writing a book, which was something I struggled with for a long time.

You see, I have been wanting to write a book for a long time, but I came up with every excuse I could think of, from the above mentioned children, to helping my husband with his business, to family health-problems. I did not make the commitment, because I was scared. Scared that I might fail, that I am not good enough for publication.

Writing An Ebook In 24 hoursThis is where Stefan’s program helped me to realize that there is not such a thing as a perfect book. It was refreshing to see someone say, that I did not have to be perfect at creating this book, just to give it my best, and put it out there.

Even then I still procrastinated, but finally went through his program, and I have not regretted it.

Actually I am working on my second book, using the same exact program, and steps I have used before, with Stefan’s program and I am very happy with my progress, knowing that I will have it finished by the end of next week. For someone who used to be scared to publish, this is a major ackomplishment, I could not have achieved without his help.

So, if you always wanted to write a book, or are looking to expand your passive income streams, you can not afford to get not Stefan’s program right now.

For Instant Access to Stefan’s Kindle Publishing Course, click here right now! 



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