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Hi! Nice To See You Here!

64234_188998141304359_517215249_nI am Miss Fiercely Independent aka Claudia Blanton, and I want to welcome you to my little corner of internet haven.

Actually, that is what I want this space to be for you. A place where you can dream as big as you want to, learn what you have to, to be independent from the rat-race, going-nowhere job, or finding a financial independence from your spouse, even if you have kids at home.

That is what my passion is. You see, I was there – stuck at home, with two children whom I homeschooled (and still homeschool), while supporting any and endeavors  my husband had in mind – from being a Military Wife, to the ups and downs of owning a truck driving business. I was there to support, yet if I wanted something for myself (I am not talking about time, but items I needed for day to day life), I relied on his income.

And honestly, even though I often only asked for the most basic needs, I was made to feel guilty, both of my husband and his family. After years of fighting, living in guilt, and second-guessing every one of my basic needs, I decided it was time to do something about it. I decided to become Fiercely Independent, creating my own wealth, while rediscovering my self-esteem, realizing my self-worth, and finding space to express myself and my needs freely.

Now that I am in the middle of this endeavor, I am in the position to guide you, assist you, be your friend, mentor, and the occasionally tough coach, who pushes you toward your goals, so you can realize them, just as I am realizing mine.

imagesWhile I will speak of the emotional turmoil and triumph as well, I will keep my main focus upon the creation of income, and eventually independence – reaching from creating passive income, income from crafting and other skills (such as Etsy), growing your financial portfolio by investing.

Even if you are already independent and are looking to increase your passive income stream, I will have plenty of information for you. My experiences include some losses and winners, and I will share them with you all.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Question: What does independence mean to you? What are your ultimate goals this year? Share them in the comment section, below!

Claudia aka Miss Fiercely Independent


P.S. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask! I love comments, and will respond back to you as soon as possible! Or stop by my Wealthy Affiliate Profile to say hi! See you there!

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